Rod C Spence   Rod C. Spence

With 3 Emmy Nominations, Rod C. Spence has shown excellence as an Editor both on network and cable television shows. Over the past 2 decades Rod has worked on a diverse slate of television shows in multiple sub-genres:
  • Reality Competition: Survivor, Combat Missions, The Apprentice.
  • Reality Docu-Drama: Snooki & JWow, Dogs In The City.
  • Reality Home Renovation: Design Star
  • Reality Dating & Relationship: Tool Academy, Friendzone.
  • Reality Social Experiment: Jersey Shore.
  • Reality Adventure: Ice Cold Gold.
  • Reality Process: American Chopper.

Rod has been recognized as a craftsman in the reality television genre with 3 Emmy Nominations for his editorial work on CBS’s hit show, Survivor.

His work includes seven seasons on
Survivor, one for The Apprentice, Criminal Confessions, Ice Cold Gold, American Chopper, True Nightmares, Combat Missions, Dogs In The City, Snooki & Jwow, Design Star and Jersey Shore giving Rod a diverse wealth of experience in different reality sub-genres.